Clay Cowdery Named As COO at MainBloq

MainBloq, the high-performance trade execution infrastructure for digital assets, is pleased to announce that Clay Cowdery has joined the executive team as Chief Operating Officer.

Clay brings 25+ years experience in tech, engineering, analytics, and financial services operations. He has worked with a variety of early stage FinTechs and established financial infrastructure solution providers. Clients include global banks, clearing houses, and financial regulators.

“I am very excited to join the MainBloq team as we scale the company and provide even more value to our clients. The demand for flexible, advanced financial infrastructure for institutional clients trading in the digital asset space is growing at an incredibly fast pace.”

Clay’s over two decades of experience as an enterprise architect, business strategist, and operations lead will be key to expanding Mainbloq’s footprint in the institutional digital asset space.

“I have been working in cross border fiat currency and trade settlement back-office operations for many years with global financial institutions and central banks. Digital currency has been on  everyone’s radar for a number of years. We are now seeing institutional investors investing in these asset classes and taking them seriously,” said Clay.

As part of the company’s continued investment in product and client development Clay will spearhead productizing Mainbloq’s offering for institutional clients and building the company’s strategic roadmap in order to deliver outstanding client experience across Mainbloq’s portfolio of current and future clients.

“I am very excited about the Mainbloq solution and focus on connectivity, messaging and algos. We provide institutional investors with a single virtual view across multiple trading venues and provide them with trading algos to accelerate their trading strategy.

“Clay’s superpower is his ability to filter and focus on delivering features that make an impact advancing the cryptocurrency trading markets” said Chairman and Founder Peter Bordes, “In a complex, rapidly growing global space like digital assets the ability to see the forest for the trees is indispensable.”

Clay is joining Mainbloq during an expansionary period as the company embarks on broadening its client base both in terms of the types of clients and scope of relationships with those clients.

“Clay is that rare person who has vision and the ability to execute,” said CEO and Founder Ryan Kuiken “We’re excited to bring Clay in to help us execute our expansion as the marketplace matures.”

“I think that my knowledge, experience, and wisdom overlaps and complements the rest of the Mainbloq team,” said Clay.  I am really excited to contribute to our corporate culture which fosters humility and diversity of ideas, supporting everyone to execute to their greatest strengths. This is rare in the deep technology and Fintech space.”


About Mainbloq

Mainbloq is a data, research, and technology company focusing on blockchain and digital assets. Mainbloq offers a suite of trading tools, including smart order routing and trading algorithms for hedge funds, traders, and some of the world’s largest banks.

Contact Mainbloq

Ryan Kuiken, CEO


Mainbloq is Powered by IBM

Technology is at the center of everything we do at Mainbloq—our execution engine, algorithms, and smart order router are all technical solutions to real world cryptocurrency trading problems. Our clients use our technology every day to execute their trades according to their strategies. As we deal with institutions, banks, and hedge-funds one of their top priorities is security.

We're thrilled to announce that we have partnered with IBM to offer our clients best-in-class security through their IBM Cloud and LinuxOne products. You can read more about our partnership at the link below.

Find out more about our IBM collaboration >>> HERE

4 Cryptocurrency trading charts to trade smart on the Mainbloq

We have a lot of data here at Mainbloq and we believe that the more data we can supply to our customers the better decisions they can make when they trade. Today we’re thrilled the release some of that data to EVERYONE with Mainbloq Charts.

Our charts showcase some of the data we have as actionable information. Mainbloq is an all-in-one platform for digital assets providing a suite of tools to consolidate real-time data across multiple venues, and to translate data into information and algorithms for best execution of user-defined trading strategies.

Read below to see descriptions of the charts we have available for your use. To see our charts go to

Order Book Live View

With this chart you can see where market depth is currently quoted.  The venues are color coded and displayed in pie charts for bids and asks, as well as a depth chart.  All prices are normalized to the “stable price”, which accounts for the exchange rate of the stable coins.

How to use it:

  • Enter Currency Pair and press go
  • Use mouse to zoom in Combined Depth  (you can reset zoom)

Historic Volatility Explorer

With this chart you can explore the historic volatility of an asset. Volatility is an important measure to inform trading decisions indicating the potential price variability over time.

See the trends in historic volatility alongside price movements. Recalculate the Historic Volatility with differently sized dolling windows to smooth or enhance details.

How to use it:

  • Adjust Slider to re-scale rolling window of calculating volatility
  • Switch between Log and Linear Scales
  • Pan with Date Range selector at bottom to Zoom to area of interest

Volatility Distribution

With this chart you can explore how volatility is distributed. We take the daily historical volatility distribution, compared with Kernel density and the normal distribution.

How to use it:

Slide the time window to see how volatility has been decreasing over the years, in crypto.

Volatility by hour

With this chart you can explore the volatility of an asset by hour in the day.

Time is based on UTC (London) and it looks at last 10 weeks of data (more data is available with subscription)

How to use it:

Red line = mean

Box top/bottom = 1 standard deviation

Tails = 2 standard deviations

Dots = outliers (capped at 300%)

MAINBLOQ Integrates with BEQUANT

BEQUANT and MAINBLOQ have announced a partnership and have both made a serious commitment to building out the technology layer for the emerging digital asset space. As institutions have taken a closer look at the space both companies have been busy building the technology. This includes MAINBLOQ’s Smart Order Router and suite of algorithms and BEQUANT’s Prime Brokerage and Bequant Solutions units.

“We’ve said this before and we’ll say this again, we believe that institutions will be the foundation of Cryptocurrency trading. That is why we’re pleased to announce our partnership with BEQUANT,” says Ryan Kuiken, CEO of MAINBLOQ, “BEQUANT has a similar outlook on the future of the market and this strategic partnership is important to us.”

BEQUANT’s services will provide an unprecedented level of digital asset integration for the financial services industry, from trading terminals, cross-border compliance, matching engines to deep liquidity and tokenization. Combined with MAINBLOQ’s solutions, the market will see a robust and global suite of digital asset opportunities.

“We are incredibly happy to be partnering with MAINBLOQ and are fully committed to delivering industry focused products together,” adds George Zarya, BEQUANT CEO.

MAINBLOQ is currently integrated to 31 of the top cryptocurrency venues and with the addition of BeQuant offers its clients another source of liquidity.  Clients can connect to MAINBLOQ via WebSockets, REST and FIX 4.4 & 5.0 where available.



MAINBLOQ is a research and fintech company focusing on digital assets. MAINBLOQ offers a modular platform including a smart order router, suite of execution algorithms, FIX gateway and consulting services to help clients execute on their trading strategies. MAINBLOQ is building the best-in-class platform for trading digital assets, For more information visit


BEQUANT is a one stop solution for professional digital-assets investors and institutions. Our breadth of products include prime brokerage, custody, fund administration enhanced by an institutional trading platform providing low-latency, liquidity and direct market access.

BEQUANT is dedicated to providing solutions that create market efficiencies by reducing friction while delivering exceptional client services.

The BEQUANT team is comprised of experts from institutional, retail and digital financial services with experience in banking, derivatives, electronic trading and prime brokerage.

Announcing our 30th Exchange Integration: Bithumb Korea

We’ve been busy over the last few months connecting dozens of venues to Mainbloq. We’re thrilled to announce that with the addition of Bithumb Korea we are now connected with 30 exchanges. While we are thrilled with this accomplishment, we don’t see this as an endpoint. We have more exchanges currently in development to continue our goal of connecting the world’s pools of digital asset liquidity.

At Mainbloq our vision has always been to bring the technology available on the street side to the cryptocurrency market. This means seamless liquidity through our smart order router and sophisticated algorithms that can be executed across all of the thirty exchanges—and growing—that Mainbloq is connected to.

“We’re thrilled at the response we’ve seen from our partners—institutions, hedge funds, EMS and PMS providers, etc—” said Ryan Kuiken, CEO of Mainbloq, “and we know we’re still in early days. We have a long roadmap on our horizon to bring the best in class technology to the industry”.

Want to learn more? We love to talk. Go to our contact page and share your information. We’ll be in touch soon.

Announcement: We've Integrated with LGO

When we built Mainbloq we did it with one thing in mind—bringing all of the technology that was available on Wall Street to cryptocurrency traders. Over the years, what it means to be a crypto trader has changed and we've seen more institutions adding crypto to their portfolios, which is why we're happy to announce that we're the first trading platform to integrate with LGO Group.

As the leading institutional bitcoin exchange in Europe, LGO is uniquely positioned to address this nascent, growing market. The fully electronic LGO platform allows over 40 institutions from all around the world to trade bitcoin with a level of transparency, security and client service which is uncompared in the space.

"We believe institutions will play an outsized role in the future of Cryptocurrency trading, and our partnership with LGO is an important step forward in that future," says Ryan Kuiken, CEO of Mainbloq.

Mainbloq is currently connected to 27 of the top cryptocurrency venues and with the addition of LGO now offers its clients one more place to source liquidity. Mainbloq offers WebSockets, REST and FIX 4.4 connectivity to all supported venues.

"We were impressed by Mainbloq's technology. Our visions for the future of cryptocurrency are aligned and we believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial," said Hugo Renaudin, CEO of LGO.

The Good And The Bad Sides Of Initial Coin Offerings

Cryptocurrencies are the new craze in the world of finance. Anywhere you look, one financial enthusiast is trying to get a grip with the world of cryptocurrencies. They are digital currencies; they are not minted in a central bank or regulated by a sole administrator.

They, however, hold a whole lot of value and are used for transactions. Their secure and decentralized nature made them an almost indispensable asset for several industries.

This brings us to initial coin offerings (ICOs). They would not have been possible without the existence of cryptocurrencies. In the short time that they have been in existence,  ICOs became the latest trend in business circles. Simply said, they are are the best way for a startup business to generate investments.

How Do ICOs Work?

Startups offer investors a chance to purchase their tokens at considerably low prices in exchange for valuable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. Due to the low prices of tokens, successful ICOs usually end up raking in millions in investment for the startups. Depending on how successful the startup businesses turn out to be in the future, investors can sell tokens for huge profits.

When Did ICOs Come Into Existence?

This might be very surprising to you, but ICOs are very young. The first one ever took place in 2013 and was held by Mastercoin. The next big ICO was done by Ethereum, which raised over two million dollars worth of investments within the first twelve hours of the process. Today, this cryptocurrency is one of the world's most valuable digital currency.

ICOs became the norms for startups soon after that. By the end of 2016, over a hundred million dollars were raised this way. Last year, that total figure grew to an unprecedented $1.25 billion.

There is no denying it, ICOs have been very vital to the economic and business development of the world as a whole. However, like with every new idea, there are many people very skeptical about this way of funding startups. To be honest, this is a very controversial topic.

Many financial analysts have raised the fact that it is highly unregulated as a major turnoff. Such concern is backed up by the fact that many ICOs were followed by some serious scandals. There have been huge scams and cases where investors have lost entire investments.

However, there are also several important advantages of this way of funding, which continue to attract an increasing number of worldwide investors. Some of the advantages include:

  • Middlemen are cut out

  • ICOs are available regardless of your location and nationality

  • Offer cheap avenues of investments

  • Allow you to contribute to the technological development of the globe.

Revolutionary Way to Get Funded: ICO Roundups

Verified ICO Review: (TEMCO) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have sufficient infrastructure or financial flexibility to offer supply chain management data to their customers. On the other hand, customers want more information about their orders more than ever. In the existing system, they only have access to basic shipping logs and estimations.

Using blockchain and smart contracts, the Transportation Enterprise Merchandise Customer Organization (TEMCO) Project will revolutionize supply chain management through innovative technology.

Our project will provide greater transparency and reliability across the entire supply chain process to deliver trustworthy information that empowers businesses and consumers.

Temco Labs Facebook | Twitter | Reddit | Medium

  • Increases consumer trust from transparency & reliability across entire supply chain process
  • Improves efficiency for businesses through streamlining supply chain
  • Reduces cost for SMEs introducing management infrastructure & data analytics

Temco (TEMCO) is a supply chain management solution on RSK’s Bitcoin-based blockchain that allows businesses and consumers to segregate portions of the supply chain and access accurate data in real time, resulting in greater trust and transparency, as well as improved efficiency.

Holds everyone in the supply chain process accountable

The current supply chain infrastructure is broken, which regularly results in serious hazards for consumers, for instance, the possibility of illness and death as a result of improperly stored or handled food or medicinal products. There is a lot of pressure on supply chain managers to address concerns around these issues, but the system fails because there’s no suitable method in place for monitoring pre-delivery stages, and SMEs frequently don’t have the resources to implement them.

Temco proposes a three-part business model:

  1. Develop blockchain-based supply chain network
  2. Develop big data analytics tool and launch Temco market
  3. Provide big data analytics service and data

Need for consumer trust & SME infrastructure dictates Temco’s market potential

Every time there is an outbreak of foodborne illness, consumer trust in companies wanes, which can have damaging longterm repercussions. Temco’s team points to the 2017 pesticide-contaminated egg crisis as a recent example. The government...