Security tokens from Zurich’s Cryptosummit

#Cryptosummit — Zurich 28–29.10.18

One of the key events of the year took place last week in Zurich´s “Crypto Valley”. The Cryptosummit was — for me — both engaging and stimulating because the broad focus and main topic of it was the tokenization of securities, which is where — with Untitled-INC — I am more involved.

Among the high level speakers were ConsenSys Joseph Lubin in video streaming, Charles Hoskinson, CoinDesk´s Michael Casey, VC investor Jalak Jobanputra, Outlier Venture´s Jamie Burke and many other top businesspeople.

Of course, with such a packed agenda and thought-provoking panels running simultaneously on 3 stages, I had to make a choice and follow only those which were — for me at least — the most compelling. Most certainly I have missed interesting stuff, but the following were for me the key “take-aways” from the event.

Charles Hoskinson, formerly Ethereum CEO and currently at Input Output HK, gave me comfort that the global adoption path of crypto is nowadays irreversible. He captivated the audience mentioning his experiences while travelling for crypto projects in lands such as Mongolia where — perhaps not surprisingly — cryptocurrency adoption is progressing at a faster rate than in many western countries. He emphasized that Securities Token Offerings (STOs) will be the key instrument for driving the growth and capital allocation to developing countries. This is the first time in history that developing countries are not constrained in accessing capital for development. And of course this will be a radical shift for those countries which will have the unique opportunity to free themselves from the chokehold of western powers and financial institutions such as the IMF. For the first time in history those countries can now sell tokenized bonds backed up by their commodities and rare earth resources, without the need to sell them out to multinationals in exchange of “peanuts”. The first time in history that they can access a global, decentralized market of investors to fuel their growth. I find this is pretty exciting.

Juwan Lee, founder and CEO of Nexchange, presented interesting datasets to show where crypto investments stand today when compared with the hedge funds in the 90s. Crypto investments stand today where the hedge funds sector stood back in 1997, at the very beginning of its growth phase. Since then the hedge fund sector has grown in volume more than 15 times, going from the early phases, through institutionalization, consolidation and finally to the current maturity phase.

Crypto funds are also still quite minuscule in terms of managed funds. The large majority (approx. 208) have less than US$10m under management. Only the largest funds — approx. 28...

TokenMarket and BECON Global partner for its Crypto Economy World Tour

TM Becon

Wednesday 9, May, 2018 - The award winning advisory firm TokenMarket has partnered with BECON (Blockchain Ecosystem Network) for its Crypto Economy World Tour, that takes place in over 10 different countries across 4 different continents.

BECON is set to host its next crypto economy event in New York on May 13th, 2018. This event will kick off its third leg of the tour with Michael Terpin delivering a keynote presentation on ‘Investing in the Crypto Economy”. In partnership with TokenMarket, BECON have organised a networking and drinks event on May 13, 2018 in New York prior to the Crypto Economy conference. BECON have successfully organised numerous networking receptions producing a high turnout of guests, investors and industry through leaders in New York.

The Crypto Economy World Tour has previously hosted events in; London, Amsterdam, Barcelona, San Francisco, Austin and Singapore. These series of events generated...

EVENT: Join @BlLife_Forum for #BlockchainLife 2018 International Forum November 7-8

The biggest international forum on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and mining in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Event Details & Registration -> HERE  
| 5000+ attendees
| 80 speakers
| 70 countries
| 120 booths

Telegram Channel @BlockchainLife

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Track the event hashtags on Tweetchat and the conversation streams for #BlockchainLife and #BlockchainLife2018

The two-day forum/conference at the Europe’s leading venue Expoforum gathers more than 5,000 participants from more than 70 countries. Сrypto traders, the owners of ICO projects, leading private investors and crypto funds, entrepreneurs and blockchain experts, developers on the blockchain, the owners and representatives of global exchanges, and miners, – the event brings together industry professionals and those who are just starting their way in the crypto industry.

Attending blockchain community members and experts are attending across all industry segments.



EVENT: Join @Blockchain_Conf for Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm #BBConfSTO

Blockchain & Bitcoin Crypto Conference September 11, 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm is a part of the series of Blockchain World Events held in 25 countries. The organizer is Smile-Expo International Company.

Working hours of the Conference: 9:00-10:00 – Registration. 10:00-18:00 – Conference.

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The annual blockchain conference in Stockholm, which brings together the world’s leading crypto experts.
We focus on Sweden and foreign projects implementing Blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Experts share their experience of implementing Blockchain in governmental institutions (Govtech), the banking system, trading, media, healthcare and other spheres. We discuss all the aspects of creating innovative IT products – from the emergence of an idea to entering the market.

Event goals: bringing together the international business community in order to share their experience of integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies; discussing blockchain industry issues and finding ways to solve them; encouraging a balanced growth of the cryptocurrency market.

Conference topics: 

• blockchain in various sectors: energy industry, real property, newsmaking etc.;

• legal regulation of the blockchain sector;

• token models and their application;

• ICO regulation.

For whom: investors, businesspeople, lawyers, startup founders, and those aiming to launch a token sale.

Why: to receive full information with case studies about the blockchain application, to discover how to comply with the legal norms in the blockchain industry, to find business partners, and to enhance your brand awareness.

Speakers: world-renowned blockchain experts, including government officials, foreign investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and developers.

Key speakers:

  • Mathias Sundin, Member of Parliament in the Tax Committee and the Finance Committee
  • Tanja BivicPlankar, President of Blockchain Alliance Europe
  • Dr Guenther Dobrauz, Partner & Leader PwC Legal Switzerland
  • Merete Salmeling, Head of Digital and Innovation at Landshypotek Bank
  • DR. Shahid Raza, Director of Security Lab at RISE SICS
  •  Christian Lunden, Director of Future Business at Nordic Choice Hotels
  •  Walid Al-Saqaf, Senior Lecturer at Södertörn University in media technology, journalism, Internet & blockchain research