Streaming Smart Order Routing for Instant Execution

A smart router built for sophisticated traders

Creating global cross-exchange liquidity and volume, enabling investors to seamlessly, efficiently, and intelligently trade cryptocurrencies.

Industry Leading Execution

Our streaming smart order router offers enterprise-level execution empowering traders, institutions, and exchanges to trade and move digital assets smarter.

Integrated seamless liquidity optimized for the best price and maximum returns. Designed by quantitative traders with decades of Wall Street and blockchain experience.

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Instant Liquidity

Unparalleled liquidity across 30+ exchanges. 4,094 currency pairs, 1105 base pairs, 25 counter pairs.

Real-time Streaming

Real-time streaming of orderbooks, user balances, and open orders. Direct connections with exchanges.

Best Execution

The best available price executed on every trade. Our algorithms automatically distribute your trades for bestX.


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