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Bitcoin Press Release: Crowdholding announces major updates, including Blockchain synergies to facilitate automatic cryptocurrency transfers.

May 22nd 2018, Prague, Czech RepublicCrowdholding’s platform upgrades and now YUP token payments are on the Ethereum Blockchain. Users can now instantly withdraw tokens earned as a reward for co-creating with businesses. More than 25 blockchain startups, including established ones such as Deep Onion, Intelligent Trading Foundation, and Peculium, award tokens for bounties on Crowdholding.

Ethan Clime, CEO of Crowdholding commented;

“We are on the verge of connecting users and businesses through smart contracts in a trusted and transparent environment, allowing tokens to seamlessly move from our clients to users through the Ethereum blockchain network.”

What is the YUP token?

The YUP token is built on the Ethereum platform and is used to access the Crowdholding ecosystem. Soon users will be able to use YUP to invest, purchase products and services. Businesses invest YUP and other ERC20 tokens to manage ideas and bounty campaigns as well as co-create with the community. As the interests of everyone are aligned, the larger the ecosystem, the more liquid and valuable YUP becomes. In the next few months we aim to grow…