Similar Big Picture ambitions inspire the group behind MoneyToken, a “platform for smart loans backed by crypto-assets.” The token sale ends June 6. It does not appear likely that this ICO will make its goal of $41.5 million by that time.  As of this writing, May 31, it has raised 34% of that.

MoneyToken was founded by Alex Rass and Jerome McGillivray. Rass has his Masters degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology, a venerable Hoboken institution. It is good to see SIT represented in the crypto world. Stevens was endowed 1868 (an even century and a half now.) Its alumni include Physics Nobel Prize winner Frederick Reines (who won that prize in 1939 for the detection of the neutrino) and its faculty once boasted Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Irving Langmuir (who had won in 1932, for his investigation of what is really going on, on the inside surface of an incandescent light bulb).

“Technology” means something very different now from what it meant in the days of Langmuir and Reines, but Rass is evidence that Stevens is still at the cutting edge.