Healthcare looks to blockchain infrastructure to optimize the cancer medication supply chain.

Supply chains of the modern health systems are pretty complicated and inefficient. This is especially evident in the department of medicine supply where a lot of patients are not suited to their needs accordingly. On the other hand, some patients have the medications that they do not use. This is such a misfortune as there are many people that would make a good use of that medicine. Simply, current medicine supply chain cannot cope with these issues and ideas about changing it have been proposed. One of those ideas deals with the implementation of blockchain technology in the supply chain.

New Blockchain Infrastructure

The city of Memphis could be the host of a new blockchain infrastructure that should help cancer patients to easier get their medicine. This project is born out of the cooperation between FedEx Institute of Technology and Good Shepherd Pharmacy, Commercial Appeal reports.

Secure way of the blockchain information distribution will play a major role in the new supply chain. That characteristic of blockchain will enable that unused medication is retrieved and made available to the disadvantaged or people that do not have economic capacities to fund the needed medications. Good Shepherd…