Legolas Exchange (LGO), a new cryptocurrency exchange that ICO-ed in February 2018, reached its hard cap in just a few hours. It says that it is “delighted” with the unexpected sequel, that it has continued to receive “inquiries from different entrepreneurs involved in the blockchain space from all around the world” seeking help with their own tokens.

Accordingly, LGO has announced the creation of a new agency within the LGO Group that will be specifically devoted to ambassadorial/advisory work, aimed at providing “enterprise-grade token generation services,” and known as LGO Launch.

Since the LGO brand will be involved, LGO Launch is going to be particular about the clients it takes on. The article in Medium that explains the creation of this new agency is largely devoted to outlining what blockchain entrepreneurs have to present to LGO to be deemed suitable for this assistance.

“In essence,” the article says, “we approach our potential clients the very same way in which investors would approach them. We ask the same questions that potential investors would ask, and evaluate their responses using similar methods.”