In the Crusher of the Month series, we will write about a coin/token that we have the most conviction in each month. The time frame will be around 1 month, or until we publish the next Crusher of the Month. In October 2018, our Crusher of the Month is AION.

More Than Just an Interoperability Project

Most people know AION as a project focusing on interoperability, but the AION team is also hard at work to make sure the AION root chain will have usage.

In addition to create new blockchains, monetize inter-chain bridges, run cross-chain decentralized applications, AION coins are also the fuel used to secure the overall network. We believe that the market is discounting the potential usage the AION blockchain will have for running decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

AION has built a lot of tools for developers to build on the AION blockchain. After token swap is completed in November 2018, developers can deploy smart contract or migrate dApps from Ethereum to the AION root chain. CEO of AION, Matthew Spoke, mentioned that it is a 5-minute effort to port existing Ethereum dApps to AION.

The Aion FastVM is a modified Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), and Aion virtual machine (AVM) is a performant, lightweight, and stable virtual machine that leverages key characteristics of the Java Virtual Machine. Solidity apps will be supported, but there will also be a new option for running apps in a Java language.