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2019 will be a decisive year for the Blockchain industry as the world moves towards a friendlier Crypto environment with governments such as Korea, Singapore, and Switzerland paving the way for appropriate regulatory measures. Likewise, France is aiming to become a blockchain hub for entrepreneurs and investors alike, with a 30% flat tax regime possibly in the works. Blockchain.io aims to become the new European cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional investors alike. At the center of the Internet of Value, we provide users with an augmented trading experience in a thriving ecosystem.

A new wave and generation of tokens is upon us, and Blockchain.io intends to be a leading player in this field. As such, we have conceived the BCIO token to do just that, and more importantly, we envisioned and conceptualized it as a pipeline to the Internet of Value. For the first time, transactions can be performed without any counterparty risk, which is a crucial advancement as well as a guarantee of safety. This brings us to the essence of CEO Pierre Noizat’s vision of digital assets as a platform for applications, as well as a marketing mechanism.

Proprietary exchange tokens are still fairly uncommon in the cryptosphere, even though a handful of major platforms…