• Makes lifecycle management of published content more fair & transparent
  • Protects ownership of content, empowering creators & securing returns over time
  • Expands upon localized Italian model which has experienced great success to date

FidelityHouse is a social content network that aims to become a global, go-to platform for authors and other publishers of original content. The platform will offer services to assist in the attribution, protection and monetization process of user content and intellectual property.

The FidelityHouse team believes leveraging the technological paradigm of blockchain will make the lifecycle management process of publishing fairer and more transparent, and benefit independent authors and third-party publishers.

Strengthens weak points between creators & platforms

User-generated content is absolutely essential to the online platform business, but right now the process of content creation is broken, to the detriment of creators. There is very little trust and transparency throughout the entire lifecycle of digital content and creators are treated as a commodity. Whether it’s photos, articles, guides, tutorials or recipes, the FidelityHouse team believes content is an investment by the author that deserves to be certified and protected with the potential to earn income over time.

The FidelityHouse chain is based on three cornerstones:

  • Proof of authorship — cryptographic and time-stamping technologies track the existence and originality of content at any given moment
  • Proof of license — the license granted to an author for specific content is tracked on the blockchain
  • Proof of revenue — any value generated by contents is stored and distributed in a transparent way

Not only does FidelityHouse streamline the content publication process, the platform also provides a community for registered users that allows them to follow authors and topics and otherwise customize their experience. The platform’s algorithms help better curate the user experience, with the aim of making FidelityHouse a number-one source for aggregated, original content.

Importance of trustworthy user-generated content, monetization opportunities ensure strong market position

The FidelityHouse team has laid out a thorough plan in…