After a positive week for the alternative coins, a correction came to remind us of the risks involved with market volatility. However, the sharp declines have already been halted for the moment, getting closer to the dangerous $6000 zone.

Ahead of the expected Fork of Bitcoin Cash hard fork, the price of the currency has risen by tens of percent and has attracted considerable interest from traders and investors who are eyeing the market.

In light of the upcoming decisions regarding Bitcoin ETFs and other financial instruments related to the crypto markets, a trend has recently been initiated by regulators turning to large-volume crypto exchanges that affect the Bitcoin price and other altcoins in order to try to understand the price discovery mechanism.

The end of the year is near, and November began with a positive altcoin trend. The recent price hikes brought a positive sign to the market. But if we put the prices of the coins aside and look at the development of the infrastructure, the number of companies, employees and the partnerships that are being formed, one might expect another bullish wave in the near future.

Bitcoin continues to be the dominant and leading currency in the market and begins to show signs of stability with support around $6,200.

Bitcoin dominance 52.2% | Market Cap: $211 billion | Trading volume: $10 billion

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