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Fernhill Corp (OTC PINK:FERN), a Web3 Cloud Based Enterprise Infrastructure firm focused on providing APIs for digital asset trading, NFT marketplaces and data aggregation solutions, is pleased to announce the following initiatives:

  • MainBloq 2.0 The MainBloq platform is not only being rebranded around Web3 and the Bloq naming strategy but it is also being upgraded around microservices and plugin architecture to better support scale and interoperability. V2.0 of the platform will be both highly modularized and provide delivery via a Cloud-based API infrastructure. This architecture helps to further fortify the foundation of the platform and will enable better management as we approach our Hyper Growth Stage and integrate with a variety of new clients and partners. This ongoing effort is being spearheaded by Fernhill VP of Engineering, Nathanael Coonrod.

Essentially what we have done over the past several weeks, from a development perspective, is to modernize and strengthen the MainBloq foundation, to allow for increased scale and manageability. This was a very necessary step and it really gets me excited about the next phases. Not only will we be able to scale with more confidence, we will also be able to integrate new services and partners much more easily.

  • Audit – we are making great progress with the respective accounting work towards completing our financials in order to become fully audited and reporting with the SEC. This is an ongoing effort, which is a considerable undertaking and takes time and effort above and beyond growing a business and developing new technology.
  • Acquisitions Fernhill has begun ramping up its pursuit of growth oriented revenue generating acquisitions that are profitable. Due to current market conditions, were seeing some very interesting companies become available at significant discounts with which we have identified and initiated discussions..
  • New Products & Services – MainBloq will be launching a variety of new products and service Bloqs that further extends our brand offering and enables us to establish a more engaged and long term relationship with our corporate and institutional clients. The new offerings will be announced with additional details in the near future. Stay tuned.

The so-called Crypto Winter has, more than anything, just served to strengthen our resolve, said Fernhill President Marc Lasky. Although it has pushed back our timelines a bit, we are confident that not only will we survive, but we will thrive. The fog is rolling out, the digital asset market is picking back up and our vision is more clear now than ever before.

About Fernhill:

Fernhill Corp is a Web3 Cloud Based Infrastructure provider focused on providing APIs for digital asset trading, NFT marketplaces and data aggregation solutions. Fernhill is a Signatory Member of the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA) and a Principal Member of the Metaverse Standards Forum.

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About MainBloq:

MainBloq, a division of Fernhill Corporation ($FERN), is a digital asset connectivity platform that is integrated with leading exchanges to serve the needs of institutional clients around the world. MainBloq offers a modular platform including a smart order router, suite of execution algorithms, FIX / SOCKETS / REST gateway, and consulting services to help banks and hedge funds execute on their trading strategies. For more information please visit the MainBloq.

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