Insights from the "future of crypto trading" meetup with FRST in Chicago

What do you get when you add a bitter cold and windy city, over 50 cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and three informative presentations? The Chicago Ethereum Meetup of course!

As you may have read, we made a short presentation to the group about our smart order router and algorithms we’re developing. We talked to founders of a handful of digital asset traders and we’re humbled by the feedback we received about our technology.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the meetup, don’t despair, I’ve embedded a video of my presentation below. Take a look at let us know what you think!

FRST’s presentation was mind-opening, it’s unreal to see how much information is available at the wallet and transaction level and how it can be used to trade cryptocurrencies more intelligently. You can read more about FRST here

The final presentation was by Andrew Gordon, an accountant specializing in cryptocurrency tax law. Tax time for crypto traders can be a nightmare, but he shared some great information about how to streamline and simplify the process. You can learn more about him here.

If there was one main takeaway from the meetup it’s that there are so many areas of the digital assets ecosystem that are currently unexplored. It’s said that 99% of the ocean floor is currently unexplored and I believe we are currently in the same place with blockchain and digital assets.

MainBloq to present with FRST at Chicago Ethereum Meetup today

Join FRST + MainBloq 6pm tonight at WeWorks in Chicago. MeetUp info HERE

Blockchain technology is complex, dynamic, and ever-evolving, which is why we’re thrilled to be presenting at the Chicago Ethereum Meetup about blockchain analytics alongside our partner FRST enterprise-grade trading tools for digital assets.

The FRST team members Karl Muth, Patrick Gorrell and Jonas Frost will be presenting about the personification of wallets and how their platform allows research into the history, trading strategies, holdings, and relationships of wallets and have that data can be applied to public blockchain transactions. We think FRST’s data is impressive and we’re excited to be presenting with them.

I will be presenting the first ever public look at our Smart Order Router — a piece of technology that we believe will revolutionize the trading of digital assets. We allow traders to access deeper pools of liquidity faster than anyone else through our direct, streaming connections to dozens of exchanges. I’ll also be talking about our development of trading algorithms—TWAP, VWAP, IWAP, Iceberg, et cetera.

At Mainbloq we’re all about making cryptocurrency trading smarter. These are just some of our first steps. Going to be in Chicago? Come to the Ethereum Meetup and say hello! See details below.