PlayChip Universal Gaming Currency ICO Review

PlayCip is a new fantasy sports ICO with a freemium model.

The PlayChip™ is brought to you by the team behind PlayUp and will be the exclusive gaming token of some of the world’s leading gaming operators with a combined user base of over 500,000 and an annual turnover exceeding US$430 million in 2018 alone – and we are just getting started.

The PlayChip is Aiming to Be a Universal Gaming Currency ICO


Fantasy sports are now ubiquitous and every year more aspects of sports are being worked into the competitive oeuvre. For many players, the more complex the game, the better. But, for some more novice players, they just want an easy and user-friendly experience. Playup Limited is an Australian-based daily sports experience that is free to play but still rewards winners with prize money.

The company has amassed a following of over 500,000 users from 70 countries across 6 sports like basketball, football, hockey, cricket, and soccer. Playup will generate more than $200 million in turnover this year. Furthermore, Playup has enjoyed a lot of success in India. Already, PlayUp is one of the 10 most trafficked sports websites in India and ranked #1 in dwell time and #2 in bounce rate. The company has done exceedingly well in other emerging markets as well, so in order to continue their expansion, the company has launched an ICO with their ERC20 token, the PlayChip.

The PlayChip, built on the Ethereum blockchain, incentivizes fantasy sports and uses the “freemium” to “premium” model to build out their already growing user base. According to the company, PlayChips are distributed to our users in a process called activity-based ‘mining’ i.e. the PlayChips we...

LookRev's LookCoin Token Sale

LooksCoin is the digital token used on LookRev's open network for discovering and creating new products, verifying origins of creative assets through a truly transparent blockchain system.


LookRev offers a visual interactive product design, virtual outfit and shopping network built on modern technologies. It already has more than a dozen launched applications, customers and millions of shopper usages.

The network primarily concentrates on creating a winning business solution for creative product makers, designers, distributors and customers. Using LookRev, users can create immutable and time-stamped digital signatures for their creative works, watermarked onto the product images and register their creative assets on LookRev network. Secured by the blockchain, the origin and attribution of a product remains safe, verifiable and immutable, recorded with smart contracts, encrypted and watermarked onto the product images....

Accounting Blockchain (TAB) Token Sale

Accounting Blockchain (TAB) ICO


The future of accounting, saving businesses billions and sparing the individual sole reliance on expensive accountants.Integrating blockchain into the industry streamlining the supply chain, saving money to businesses, and moving towards a healthier economy away from the risk of fraud and away from present gross accounting inefficiencies.

Owning TAB tokens gives access to three solutions to 3 problems in dire need...

The ICO Rating and Voting of CoinMarketPlus

The market of ICO initial coin offering is highly volatile and in such market you have no precise information about any specific ICO or live toke sale. CoinMarketPlus is a trusted platform, where you will get genuine list of the best and top ICOs. The company has a dexterous team of professionals, who rate the ICOs on various parameters like white paper, the team behind the ICOs, the potential of ICOs in the market. Apart from the ICO rating, ICO voting is a new initiative that is started by the CoinMarketPlus; it is the process where users vote their favorite ICO. In this way users get an exact idea that which ICO is worth investing. The rating process of CoinMarketPlus is transparent; our team go through the following process to rate the ICO.

The white paper of the ICO:

White Paper is the core part of ICO initial coin offerings. A professional startup mentions every facts and figures in White Paper. So the expert team...

ORCA solution for instant crypto to euro withdrawals

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Orca cover

Want to cash out Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies from an exchange instantly without paying ridiculous fees? ORCA can help you. The passage linking cryptocurrencies together regular finance is being laid. Yesterday ORCA Alliance has presented their technological case for the community during a live event streamed online. Mere 6 seconds. That’s how long it took ORCA to complete a transfer from a cryptocurrency exchange straight to user's bank.

The demonstration was opened by Laurent Bourquin, Chief Operating Officer of ORCA and former investment bank analyst who presented the changing landscape of global finance.

"The whole banking sector is being disrupted <…>. A couple of years ago it had been inconceivable to think that a start-up can enter the closed market of retail and investment banking and take over a part of its market share" - claimed L. Bourquin.

According to him, new IT-based market players are challenging banks and providing cheaper, more efficient services. To intensify the changes further, Open Banking is already making it's way to Europe while other countries are watching closely to jump onboard. Most importantly, cryptocurrencies are capturing people’s attention and have become the most recent trend widely discussed in the...

Everybody Can Take Advantage of the #WorldCup with 1xBit

1xbit bitcup 2018 800x600

You don’t need to be a professional bettor to make easy money on the World Cup matches with this promotion from 1xBit!

The 2018 FIFA World Cup that will take place in Russia later this month is the perfect occasion for everyone to celebrate, meet with friends and just enjoy the quality time and thrills provided by this international event.

What if you could do more than just watch the games on a big screen when you’re going out with your friends? What if you could be part of the game and make things a lot more interesting? If the answer is yes then you’re in luck, because 1xBit has prepared a promotion just for you.

Earning money and having fun at the same time? With 1xBit it’s possible! Creating an account takes only a few seconds, and that’s not...

Coupit. ICO Review

Coupti ICO ICO

Coupit marketplace UI (User-Interface) and UE (User- Experience) are designed in a way that gives significant accessibility and incentives to both the businesses and users registered under the Coupit platform. The platform uses special API’s to enable speed and efficiency in all interactions and transactions made on the platform. Traditional payment methods (e.g., Visa/Master Card) will be an option, with top cryptocurrencies also added in due course. Certain programs, such as the affiliate program and loyalty program, rely on smart contract technology in order to be...

Onasander ICO Review

Onasander fund will turn regular profits, because of our experience, and because of its unique Asset Price Analysis Software called Onasander. Our goal is to execute a very successful ICO, open up an investment fund, and take advantage of the upcoming stock recession, volatility, and price swings, all along benefiting our investors with dividends, and high token valuations. With time, the objective will be to manage wealth for our clients and grow the bank. The climate for opening up an investment fund is perfect. We are living in interesting times. Free money flowing from...

Me Tokens Community Currency ICO Review

Me Token ICO

Me Tokens, an ERC-20 token, acts as a community currency by Me-adopted social commerce platforms. Optimized for all users, is a shoppable, Instagram-like fashion experience. monetarily incentivizes quality content creation from influencers and brands while rewarding users for opting in to receive targeted advertisements. The platform connects fashion influencers, consumers, and brands. For example, Influencers are able to post brands’ outfits on the platform. Shoppers like and share such posts. Using’s patented virtual fitting room, shoppers...

Stealth Project ICO Review

  1. Multi-cryptocurrency STEALTH WALLET is developed with strong emphasis on anonymity. It will offer a built-in mixer and users will be able to earn passive income while using it. STEALTH WALLET is a software product developed for managing and storing cryptocurrencies. It aims to simplify the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life as well as offer convenient and secure way of storing your assets in the new financial reality, where STEALTH WALLET features Supports the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Bitcoin Cach Etherium Litecoin Ripple Monero Dash Zcash Stelz coin Complete anonymity Highest known level of security Built-in coin mixer (for the currencies that are not initially supported) The possibility of passive, constant income simply by the ownership of cryptocurrency (Participation in a built-in mixer program is required) Private node system similar to TOR, network of private anonymous servers worldwide Instant payments within STEALTH WALLET system Р2Р exchange within STEALTH WALLET ecosystem (similar to ShapeShift)
  2. Self-sufficient anonymous and autonomous network infrastructure is built, similar to Tor. How STEALTH Browser works Our browser will be integrated into STEALTH WALLET with the network designed to operate in the following way: High-level protection and not – Deanonymization through administrative means Deanonymization using malware Deanonymization via timing attacks Deanonymization via vulnerable connection-chain elements Deanonymization via web browser vulnerabilities This is the most reliable part resistant to both active approaches to deanonymization and deanonymization through administrative means. Low speed due to Tor limitations is its main disadvantage. However, we are going to solve this problem by using our own nodes. In the end, any solution will include a proxy for changing IP address periodically. No logs are saved, either known or hidden. A master password is used...