Loyalty points, concert tickets and in-game items will soon appear on a new protocol built on the monero network.

Called Tari, this new digital assets protocol will help support non-fungible tokens – tokens with unique properties, such as tickets with ownership information (think CryptoKitties) – said co-founder Naveen Jain.

Monero project lead Riccardo Spagni, more commonly known as fluffypony, and entrepreneur Dan Teree are also part of the founding team, Jain told CoinDesk.

Tari’s goal is to “support any kind of digital assets.” For example, one use case for the protocol would be to allow digital asset issuers to participate in the secondary market – meaning resales in particular.

However, the protocol can also support items in video games or even native assets, Jain said, adding:

“If you have a decentralized distributed trustless system that supports non-fungible tokens that enforces the rule…