Ai Weiwei and Kevin Abosch have teamed up on an art project that uses twin Ethereum-based tokens they have created. This is “conceptual” art — that is, the sort of art that is supposed to make you say “oh, wow” when you hear the idea explained.

The project, called PRICELESS (PRCLS) involves twin ETH based tokens because one of them is to be made publicly available and the other will be utterly inaccessible. Dear reader: has your head just exploded?

Ai Weiwei is a critic of China’s government who was arrested in April 2011 and held for 81 days on unspecified “economic crimes.” He was allowed to leave the country in 2015 and he now lives in Germany. Abosch is an Irish artist working in film. He once sold a photograph of a potato to an anonymous businessman for  €1 million.

Abosch describes the idea behind the Ethereum project as “just another thing to engage people in the hope that they will spend a little bit more time reflecting on the perversity of hw most of us ascribe value to things.”