One of the key advantages that the old-fashioned brick-and-mortar stores still have over internet shopping is: the shopper wants to be able to try stuff on for size. Shoes and clothes especially. You can’t do that from home. Can you?

Imigize LLC, a Berkeley, California based company may break down that barrier to the final triumph of the online world, with “personal anthropometric 3D” modeling, that will drastically reduce the number of returns on non-fitting goods. The shoes are the relatively easy task they’ve taken on first: mastering the 3D modeling of a shopper’s feet will be easier than mastering that of the rest of the body.

The business plan requires privacy: shoppers will have to know that their foot/body details are not going to be available to any clever hacker, as they likely would be, given a centralized cloud-based system. Thus: blockchain is critical. And in connection with blockchain, there will be a token (imgz). The imgz  is now in its private pre-sale phase. An ICO is planned for September 20, with an initial value of  1 imgz at 0.00010147 ETH.