We find the most important headlines in digital assets for the week and give you our take. This week’s themes were institutional adoption and regulation, here are your headlines for August 9th, 2021:

Institutional hesitancy for cryptocurrency may be resolved, says CFTC commissioner

Synopsis: There may be a regulatory war brewing in the US between the SEC and CFTC.

Theme: Cryptocurrency Regulation

Our Take: There will be different impacts on the market whether the SEC or CFTC wins the regulatory war. This is all happening while congress is aiming to regulate crypto taxes in the Infrastructure bill.


Two things are becoming apparent about crypto: Fidelity exec

Synopsis: According to Fidelity Digital Assets President Tom Jessop there are two emerging themes that are becoming apparent about cryptocurrency. First, they are seen as their own unique asset class with its own fundamental drivers, which differ from other financial assets. Second, and, maybe most importantly, what we’re seeing is continued purchase interest over a longer period of time.

Theme: Institutional Adoption

Our take: Anybody who has spent any time around the digital assets space knows that the asset class is unique. How those assets are treated has changed over time and we believe that the market will continue to evolve as different investors show interest.


SkyBridge Buys Carbon Offsets to Green Bitcoin Holdings

Synopsis: SkyBridge Capital has partnered with MOSS Earth to purchase and immediately retire tokens representing approximately 38,436 tons of carbon—a transaction that offsets the estimated  carbon footprint of the bitcoin currently held across its products firm-wide.

Theme: Cryptocurrency Sustainability.

Our take: Discussions around the impact on climate change cryptocurrencies have hit center stage when Elon Musk punched back against Bitcoin Miners in a move that was seen to tank crypto markets. Carbon offsets can be a crucial short-term move to move cryptocurrencies towards sustainability.


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