MAINBLOQ Integrates with BEQUANT

BEQUANT and MAINBLOQ have announced a partnership and have both made a serious commitment to building out the technology layer for the emerging digital asset space. As institutions have taken a closer look at the space both companies have been busy building the technology. This includes MAINBLOQ’s Smart Order Router and suite of algorithms and BEQUANT’s Prime Brokerage and Bequant Solutions units.

“We’ve said this before and we’ll say this again, we believe that institutions will be the foundation of Cryptocurrency trading. That is why we’re pleased to announce our partnership with BEQUANT,” says Ryan Kuiken, CEO of MAINBLOQ, “BEQUANT has a similar outlook on the future of the market and this strategic partnership is important to us.”

BEQUANT’s services will provide an unprecedented level of digital asset integration for the financial services industry, from trading terminals, cross-border compliance, matching engines to deep liquidity and tokenization. Combined with MAINBLOQ’s solutions, the market will see a robust and global suite of digital asset opportunities.

“We are incredibly happy to be partnering with MAINBLOQ and are fully committed to delivering industry focused products together,” adds George Zarya, BEQUANT CEO.

MAINBLOQ is currently integrated to 31 of the top cryptocurrency venues and with the addition of BeQuant offers its clients another source of liquidity.  Clients can connect to MAINBLOQ via WebSockets, REST and FIX 4.4 & 5.0 where available.



MAINBLOQ is a research and fintech company focusing on digital assets. MAINBLOQ offers a modular platform including a smart order router, suite of execution algorithms, FIX gateway and consulting services to help clients execute on their trading strategies. MAINBLOQ is building the best-in-class platform for trading digital assets, For more information visit


BEQUANT is a one stop solution for professional digital-assets investors and institutions. Our breadth of products include prime brokerage, custody, fund administration enhanced by an institutional trading platform providing low-latency, liquidity and direct market access.

BEQUANT is dedicated to providing solutions that create market efficiencies by reducing friction while delivering exceptional client services.

The BEQUANT team is comprised of experts from institutional, retail and digital financial services with experience in banking, derivatives, electronic trading and prime brokerage.

Announcing our 30th Exchange Integration: Bithumb Korea

We’ve been busy over the last few months connecting dozens of venues to Mainbloq. We’re thrilled to announce that with the addition of Bithumb Korea we are now connected with 30 exchanges. While we are thrilled with this accomplishment, we don’t see this as an endpoint. We have more exchanges currently in development to continue our goal of connecting the world’s pools of digital asset liquidity.

At Mainbloq our vision has always been to bring the technology available on the street side to the cryptocurrency market. This means seamless liquidity through our smart order router and sophisticated algorithms that can be executed across all of the thirty exchanges—and growing—that Mainbloq is connected to.

“We’re thrilled at the response we’ve seen from our partners—institutions, hedge funds, EMS and PMS providers, etc—” said Ryan Kuiken, CEO of Mainbloq, “and we know we’re still in early days. We have a long roadmap on our horizon to bring the best in class technology to the industry”.

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The SEC Temporarily Suspended Trading in Bitcoin Generation Miner’s Shares

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is temporarily suspending trading of shares in a little-known, self-described crypto exchange and mining firm called Bitcoin Generation (BTGN).

The regulator announced Monday that it was suspending trading until 11:59 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time on May 10, 2019 (or 03:59 UTC May 11) due to concerns that some information BTGN has made public may be inaccurate.

Specifically, the SEC is concerned about a bond that BTGN “purportedly acquired from an entity based in the United Kingdom”; how much BTGN stock is outstanding; promotional activity related to BTGN; and the “accuracy and adequacy...

Huobi Cloud Aims for 80 More Exchange Partners

Singapore-based exchange conglomerate Huobi Group has a unique growth strategy for emerging markets: partner with local entities and then split the profits 50/50.

Revealed exclusively to CoinDesk, the South African exchange HIZA will launch in May and join a cohort of 150 platforms under the Huobi Cloud umbrella, according to Huobi Group’s senior business director David Chen.

“We will help them get their trading volume up and we’ll expand our business when the market is more mature,” Chen said, adding that up to 80 like-minded partnerships are currently in the pipeline.

Recent expansion isn’t unique to Huobi, however. Global exchange giants like Binance are opening independent subsidiaries in emerging markets like Uganda, or investing in local exchanges the way Bittrex did with the South African exchange VALR. Similar to Bittrex, Huobi Group offers partners like HIZA access to its global order books for prime liquidity.

Interestingly, the partnership approach allows Huobi to minimize the regulatory risks of working in under-developed markets – where banking relationships require local knowledge and repercussions for unintentional missteps remain uncertain.

“They [HIZA] own their customer data, it’s not Huobi that owns it, otherwise it would be Huobi’s responsibility,” Chen said.

He added that Huobi Group has earned $1.5 million in net profit since October 2018 from Cloud partnerships that have already gone live. One such...

Are Stiffer Bitcoin Regulations Brexit’s Surprising Side-Effect

brexit UK bitcoin regulation
When Brexit finally arrives, it could have a surprising side-effect for the UK's crypto industry: stiffer regulations on bitcoin. | Source: Shutterstock

By CCN: The prolonged process for withdrawing from the European Union may have resulted in great uncertainty, but the UK’s financial watchdog is sure about what it wants post-Brexit – more muscle to oversee bitcoin and the crypto industry at large.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority’s business plan for 2019/2020, the regulator will urge Her Majesty’s Treasury to boost its enforcement powers in the crypto sector ahead of Brexit. Per FCA’s chief executive, Andrew Bailey, UK’s EU withdrawal is the body’s most pressing and urgent challenge.

Andrew Bailey on our Business Plan 2019/20

— FCA (@TheFCA) April 17, 2019

The financial watchdog intends to first hold public consultation first, though, before its enforcement powers can be increased:

“Following our consultation on cryptoassets we will publish a Feedback Statement and finalised Perimeter Guidance. We will also provide technical advice to the Treasury on extending the perimeter for utility and exchange tokens and on extending our financial crime provisions to certain activities related to cryptoassets.”

Is FCA Too Eager to...

Winklevoss Reach Settlement With Charlie Shrem

 Winklevoss Twins Reach Settlement With Charlie Shrem
Winklevoss Twins Reach Settlement With Charlie Shrem

The Winklevoss twins reached a settlement with Charlie Shrem on April 16, 2019, declaring that their case against him has been dismissed with prejudice and will not be reopened.

The twins, who founded the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, originally sued Shrem, the founder of early bitcoin company BitInstant, in November 2018, alleging that Shrem stole 5,000 bitcoin from the pair in 2012. They asserted that Shrem agreed to build a stockpile of cryptocurrency for them at their expense but then came up short by nearly $60,000 in bitcoin at the contemporary market rate, keeping this portion of the hoard secret until its worth grew to the tens of millions of dollars.

As the...

Overstock’s tZERO Exchange to Launch Bitcoin Trading App This June

Overstock’s security token platform tZERO is going full crypto.

Until now, security tokens had been the startup’s priority, but this summer, tZERO plans to launch its own mobile trading app for buying and selling bitcoin and, possibly, ether, CEO Saum Noursalehi told CoinDesk Thursday.

The app for IOS and Android devices is scheduled to launch in June and is being developed by Bitsy — a crypto startup in the portfolio of Overstock’s venture arm Medici Ventures.

“That’s part of the reason we acquired Bitsy — to accelerate time to market for our mobile app,” Noursalehi told CoinDesk, adding:

“They have an app for trading crypto, primarily bitcoin, in a beta-phase, they built a wallet and key recovery mechanism, and this will be the foundation of the mobile app for tZERO. They are also working on some cool stuff like biometric login.”

The app, he added, will allow users to hold custody of their crypto without relying on a third party, and will plug into a network of exchanges through tZERO’s partner, institutional trading platform SFox.

tZERO’s app will connect to SFox’s network of exchanges via its...

Rakuten to Launch Their Crypto Wallet March 30th

Rakuten, crypto wallet
Rakuten has set a date for its new crypto wallet launch. | Source: Shutterstock

Rakuten Inc. just announced their intention to terminate “All Bitcoins Inc.” and launch their own “Rakuten Wallet” on March 30. Businesses launching crypto wallets is nothing new, following companies like Line, KIK and KakaoTalk. The news comes after Rakuten completed their filings as a virtual currency exchange company (VCEX.)

The company stated:

Rakuten Wallet will contribute to the sound growth of the market as a virtual currency exchange company and will further enhance security and provide enhanced services so that more customers can use it safely and with confidence.

Rakuten will be filing another VCEX application for Rakuten Wallet in September 2019.

Rakuten Inc. (4755: JP) holds a market capitalization about one-tenth the size of GM’s profits, number ten on the Fortune 100 list.

What Does Rakuten Do?

Earning cashback on purchases can make large purchases a little more enticing if you pair it with decent discounts. Rakuten aggregates discounts and helps customers receive cash back on their online purchases.

Their offerings have struck a not-so-nice chord...

CoinMarketCap to Revamp Listing Metrics After Fake Volume Research

CoinMarketCap Will Alter Listing Metrics After Latest Fake Volume Research

Cryptocurrency market data resource CoinMarketCap (CMC) has promised to rearrange how it ranks member exchanges after research found overwhelming evidence of fake volume. The company confirmed the upcoming changes on social media on March 25.

CMC is arguably the industry’s best-known tracking service for the market cap of Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins, as well as for the activity on exchanges trading them.

However, last week, research from cryptocurrency index fund provider Bitwise claimed that CMC hosts almost entirely fake volume statistics. This in turn deceives investors and inflates the profile of affected coins, Bitwise explained in the report.

Now, CMC has appeared to heed the warnings represented in the research, which Bitwise sent to United States regulators for consideration...

Silvergate ‘Bitcoin Bank’ crypto client base climbed 122% in 2018

silvergate bank, bitcoin
Silvergate, nicknamed the "bitcoin bank," says its crypto client base surged 122% in 2018. | Source: Shutterstock

Silvergate Bank, which bills itself as the “leading provider of innovative financial infrastructure solutions and services to participants in the digital currency industry,” has disclosed in a preliminary prospectus filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that despite the bearish conditions in the bitcoin market, its number of crypto industry clients surged in 2018.

Silvergate Crypto Client Deposits Rise to $1.58 Billion

By the end of last year, Silvergate revealed that it had 542 cryptocurrency-related customers. This was an increase of 122.1 percent from 2017 when the total number of customers was 244, per the prospectus. Total deposits also increased approximately by 8 percent from $1.46 billion to $1.58 billion.

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Silvergate bank, bitcoin
Silvergate Bank’s deposits and customer growth over time | Source: Silvergate Capital

Additionally, Silvergate disclosed that it was also in the process of onboarding some 232 customers.

Key Clients? Bitcoin Exchanges and Institutional Investors

Among its most notable customers, digital currency...