TAP Coin: Decentralized blockchain-based advertising #TokenSale

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The new world of blockchain-based advertising will create a major shift at the cross-section of advertising and the internet.

HOOCH, the number top drink-a-day app that has changed the game for bargoers from New York to Hong Kong with their free drink app, is about to shake up the hospitality industry again. Not basking for long in the success of their recently-released lifestyle experience program, HOOCH Black, this next development is also set to be a surefire success.

Their new project, TAP Coin, is due to be launched soon and it’s an innovative product, to say the least. TAP Coin is more than just HOOCH. While HOOCH Black has 100,000 hotels on the platform, with discounts of up to 60% off Expedia and hotels.com rates, TAP Coin will feature more than just this. HOOCH will be the first — and only one of dozens of apps on the TAP decentralized ad network. This means that while HOOCH currently has 200,000 subscribers, other apps will have tens of millions on the network. But there’s more- the advertising potential is phenomenal with a platform like TAP Coin. Due to its decentralized nature, the network is magnitudes more efficient than advertising on a centralized platform like Facebook, Instagram or Google AdWords.

Millions of users, hundreds of thousands of venues, massive discounts and a radically new advertising model, all based on blockchain - TAP Coin is the next household name app.

Not only does TAP Coin offer major discounts on hotels, drinks and entertainment experiences, it also uses the power of blockchain to empower consumers with their own data. This means that users now have the choice to allow advertisers to collect their data or not. If users allow their data to be used by advertisers, then they are rewarded with TAP, which they can then redeem on hotels and experiences (at already discounted prices).

In this way, TAP becomes a defacto loyalty currency, which does not discriminate according to origin of the loyalty points. It solves the old...

Decentralized Asset Management Network RigoBlock Partners with TokenMarket


Lugano, Switzerland - June 19, 2018 - RigoBlock, the decentralized asset management protocol that allows users to create and run a fund on the Ethereum blockchain, has announced its partnership with leading ICO advisory firm TokenMarket. The recently announced relationship comes as part of RigoBlock’s aim to roll out its blockchain infrastructure programme later this year.

The Rigo token, which is built on top of the RigoBlock platform, allows users to: establish a meritocratic and incentives-based framework for traders, separating the fee logic from the funds and create an incentive mechanism on top of the token. All of these elements will allow the Rigo token to become easily accessible and more cost effective for traders to use, which aims to reshape the $63 trillion dollar asset management industry.

TokenMarket will deliver a set of building blocks in order for the RigoBlock project to run smoothly. These include: token issuance and creation, marketing, PR and community management, as well as providing its award winning advisory services to the RigoBlock team.

We are very excited to be working together with TokenMarket to ensure that RigoBlock can be a success” Gabriele Rigo, CEO and Founder of RigoBlock, said. “TokenMarket’s experience in this industry is second to none and we are pleased to be working together” Rigo stated....