Etheremon, a game that brings Pokemon-style creatures to life through the Ethereum blockchain, is moving at least part of its operations to Zilliqa, a DApp platform, out of frustration with Ethereum’s scalability issues.

For the uninitiated, Pokemon is a huge Japan-based media franchise built around fictional creatures (of more than 800 species) that the human players of the game capture and train for fights.

Ethereum is still the dominant platform for decentralized gaming, with a great ecosystem of developers and community members. And at least for the immediate future, Etheremon progress and assets will remain, so to speak, on the Mothership. But the battles among the monsters will take place on Zilliqa, which will make them cheaper and faster.  

Ethereum, scalability, and gaming … this combination has worried some observers since the CryptoKitties mania of November — December 2017. On December 5, Ethereum reported that there had been a sixfold increase in the pending transactions on its chain since Axiom Zen had begun releasing its “kitties,” just a week before.