After spending a few decades on the street I got to see first-hand how the trading algorithm revolution lead to sophisticated and complex strategies that were necessary to execute trades efficiently and effectively. This revolution is coming to cryptocurrency.

First, let’s define what a trading algorithm is—simply put, algorithms are a method of executing orders using a set of rules based on a multitude of dimensions (volume, time, venue) in order to fan out orders to accomplish certain objectives (speed, secrecy, price).

The most important thing to remember is that not all algos are created equal. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of street veterans with experience crafting algorithms for some of the most successful shops.

Our algorithms include a blend of well-established algorithms along with custom algorithms created by our team. Unlike most existing cryptocurrency algorithms, all of our algorithms execute across multiple venues. Our algorithms can be blended according to each individual trader’s strategy.


  • BASKET – Executes multiple trades of multiple coins simultaneously and over a period of time using TWAP or other time-based strategies.
  • TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price) –  Executes trades evenly over a specified time period
  • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) – Executes trades evenly based on trading volume.
  • THOR – Executes one order across multiple venues so they arrive at each venue at the same time to minimize market impact.
  • ICEBERG – Executes orders in random slice sizes over a period of time over multiple venues to minimize market impact.
  • Pairs Trades – Executes two trades of individual coins while maintaining a balance between the long and the short side of the trade.
  • IWAP (Information Weight Average Price) – A custom Mainbloq algorithm that trades in windows of fixed notional while varying the duration.
  • ISR (Implementation Shortfall Reducer) – A custom Mainbloq algorithm that reduces slippage and balances market impact by controlling the rate of execution.


These algorithms are just the start. We’re crafting sophisticated strategies to ensure our clients can execute effectively and efficiently. We also work with our clients to create tailored algorithms so they can execute their trading strategies.

Our mission at Mainbloq is to bring the sophistication of traditional finance to digital assets. Our streaming smart order router is the most efficient way to trade cryptocurrencies across multiple exchanges. Our algorithms help traders execute their strategies smarter. You might be thinking, what comes next? You’ll just have to wait and see…