We’ve been busy over the last few months connecting dozens of venues to Mainbloq. We’re thrilled to announce that with the addition of Bithumb Korea we are now connected with 30 exchanges. While we are thrilled with this accomplishment, we don’t see this as an endpoint. We have more exchanges currently in development to continue our goal of connecting the world’s pools of digital asset liquidity.

At Mainbloq our vision has always been to bring the technology available on the street side to the cryptocurrency market. This means seamless liquidity through our smart order router and sophisticated algorithms that can be executed across all of the thirty exchanges—and growing—that Mainbloq is connected to.

“We’re thrilled at the response we’ve seen from our partners—institutions, hedge funds, EMS and PMS providers, etc—” said Ryan Kuiken, CEO of Mainbloq, “and we know we’re still in early days. We have a long roadmap on our horizon to bring the best in class technology to the industry”.

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